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In 2017, our community will grow!

MTLVET is very proud to support the cats and dogs of Montreal through numerous prevention initiatives and festive occasions. We are also very attentive to the young people who have the opportunity to work with us each year. Until now, we have focussed our efforts on the communities of Verdun and the South West of Montreal, but in 2017, the MTLVET network looks to expand!

In 2016, you took part in our prevention workshops, open house days, Halloween contest and year-end fundraising drive. You also discovered Dr. Cloutier’s team in action in the documentary series “Ambulances Animales.” This show offered a unique opportunity for the MTLVET network to raise awareness of animal welfare, and will definitely return for a second season in the fall of 2017.

To remind you of the importance of animal health issues such as geriatrics and dental care, among others, our team has designed monthly awareness campaigns, giving you and your pet opportunities to benefit from various promotions.

The team of the MTLVET network is also very proud to support the cats at the Refuge pour Chats (Verdun) and, more recently, the dogs at Rosie Animal Adoption. We partner closely with these highly respected establishments, who share our dedication to animal welfare, and we thank you warmly for the generosity you have shown at our special events and throughout the year!

A bright future for animal health professionals 

For the past few years, we have offered college students the chance to experience the great MTLVET adventure through professional internships under the Student Business program, organized by MR3 Montréal Relève, with the CCMM and the City of Montreal. The program provides a superb opportunity for students to put theory into practice in a real workplace.

In addition to these professional internships, the MTLVET team is very proud to guide enthusiastic students in the branch of animal health that they have chosen. We take advantage of career days at CEGEP Lionel-Groulx and Vanier College to help these young people navigate the complexities of the job market. These informal occasions to talk about our work are always very popular!

In 2017, MTLVET will grow!

More and more of you are visiting us from across the Montreal region. As a result, we hope to soon have a location in the eastern half of the island, to make it easier for all our clients get to us, and to meet the needs of a growing feline and canine community. This project, which has been on the drawing board for a number of years, is about to see the light of day, benefitting pooches and kitties all over the city!

This year, as with each year, we will share with you moments of happiness and grief, anxiety and relief, for the animals who bring so much joy to our lives. We are very happy to guide you throughout the life of your furry companion. Your trust in us is unique and priceless, and the entire team of MTLVET thanks you for it.

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