A Guignolée for cats

For the MTLVET network, traditions have deep roots. The Holiday season is a time to put our partners in the spotlight, in particular the Refuge pour chats (Verdun). Just like every year, we encourage you take part in our Guignolée (fundraising campaign). At each of our clinics, you’ll find a box where you can leave a donation of any amount! For the team at MTLVET, this is a wonderful time to share with our community, listen to your needs and come together for a great cause. So, let’s all help the Refuge!

If you see a cat huddling under a stairway or in a garbage can to avoid freezing to death, it means that winter is here. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold this time of year, but it happens! Whether their owners abandoned them or they ran away, all cats need shelter, food and a litter box. Again, this year, the MTLVET network is very happy to organize a fundraising campaign supporting the Refuge pour chats (Verdun).

The team at the Refuge have always been dedicated to taking in stray cats while educating the public on the issue of abandonment. In Verdun and beyond the borough’s boundaries, the Refuge has become an essential partner to the feline population. The volunteers keep busy welcoming these lonely little creatures and finding them a new home and a family to call their own. So, please feel free to donate to our Guignolée. And if you have the urge to adopt one of their kitties, rest assured that you’ll get lots of love in return.

Donate today!

We’re not asking for the moon! But if you could make a donation (based on your means) in one of our boxes, we’ll be most grateful. Plus, don’t you love visiting us during the Holidays, savouring the sweet aroma of hot chocolate and sharing in our passion for animals?

All donations will be handed over to our partner, the Refuge pour chats (Verdun), to help them invest in new adoption campaigns and pay their operating costs, which unfortunately never stop rising. Plus, if you end up falling in love with the Refuge’s 2018 calendar, you’re in luck, because it’s available at our locations in Ville-Émard and Verdun, as well as at the Refuge itself.

The entire team of the MTLVET network wishes you Happy Holidays and all the best in 2018!