Crazy for kitties!

Naturally, you love your cat, but who has not wondered whether the feeling is mutual? Love works in strange ways. Here are some tips to help you better understand your darling feline. With some behaviours, it’s obvious what your cat thinks of you, so remember to recognize them and enjoy them to the fullest!

Your kitty loves you, but how does she show it? There you are, relaxing on the sofa, and suddenly she jumps on your lap and begins to knead your legs with her soft paws, or maybe dig in with her claws. While that’s pure affection, it can also be painful. It might be time to gently remind her to go easy on you.

And if your feline finally decides to roll over on his back, that’s a sign of total trust! How so? Because his belly is one of his most sensitive and vulnerable areas. Beware, however, because he can quickly change his mind and run away!

When your cat shows affection, follows you from room to room, and it’s not even mealtime, the animal is expressing a sense of well-being in your company. You would be remiss to think it sees you as nothing more than a can-opener!

Those irresistible eyes

So, your cat greets you at the door, follows you around and rubs against you as though you were a piece of furniture. Does it see you as such? Not at all, he’s just marking his territory by leaving his scent on you. You are now officially part of his family, an honorary kitty, you might say!

You have finally found peace, relaxing on your sofa with a good book. Suddenly, you sense a presence, and there’s your cat, in your face, watching you intensely, blinking slowly. The message is clear: he loves you. Now that you are under his spell, he takes advantage of the moment to give you a friendly head butt. Or is it a sign of aggression? Not at all! When kitties head-butt, they share their scent with you, thereby creating a sense of belonging, a social bond.

Finally, have you ever received a gift from your feline? Maybe a bird or a mouse, or a toy or other object left in a conspicuous place? That means she’s worried that you took too long to return from the hunt! In her mind, it is important to cater to your needs. So, when this happens, accept the gift and show your gratitude with plenty of affection. The purring of a contented cat is your true reward.

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