Doggedly devoted to you!

In your mind, there’s no doubt your pooch is part of the family. Each day, you take care of your pet and offer it the best you can. Still, is the feeling mutual for your dog? Does he love you back? If you have any doubt, here are some tips to reassure you!

Your dog is the admiring type. He likes to look in your eyes attentively. You play together, cuddle together, walk together, and voilà! He gives you that adoring look! It’s an amazing way for a pet to show affection, make no mistake about it. The reason is oxytocin: the hormone of love, trust and pleasure. In these moments, this hormone is believed to increase significantly and help strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Your dog is the clingy type. For some, this is a sign of anxiety, but it also proves that your four-footed friend loves you. It’s a very clear sign that she counts on you to protect and reassure her. And while you’re lounging on the sofa, if you and your pooch yawn at the same time, there’s no denying the connection.

Your dog likes to eat, as you know! So after a big meal, don’t be surprised to see your pet lie down next to you. He’s expressing his gratitude, pure and simple. Actually, with a full belly, he doesn’t really need to pay attention to you, unless he truly loves you!

Your dog wants to have fun. She brings you her favourite toy in her mouth. Play is important, but it looks like the charm offensive she uses to get you to play with her is proof that you are her mentor, her leader. She feels she can share the toy with you, which is a very strong symbol of her love for you.

Indoors or outdoors

When the sun goes down, many dogs decide to go to bed. Yours might have the annoying habit of settling on your bed, or even wriggling into your comforter. You don’t have to accept it, but know that your pet is saying “I love you,” regardless of his weight and size!

In the morning, when you leave for work, your dog usually remains calm and quiet. Nothing will make her budge from the sofa, and you might think she’s being borderline ungrateful. But worry not! Your pooch simply trusts you and knows you’ll return.

And finally, any vexation is only short-lived. After your long day at work, if anyone wants to show you their love, it’s your dog. No sooner is the key in the door than your furry companion is all worked up. He wags his tail non-stop, barks and jumps on you, shows you his toy and won’t let you out of his sight. There’s no doubt that you are the most important person in his eyes.

Finally, remember that your pet picks up on your emotions, and will react accordingly. If you love your dog, then he or she will love you back, that’s for sure!