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  • Cliniques MTL VET


A key component of the MTLVET Network

Du Parc Veterinary Hospital (Hôpital vétérinaire du Parc), the newest addition to our
network, is located in the bustling neighbourhood of Mile End, close to the Plateau,
Outremont, Rosemont, Little Italy and Park Extension.

Our bilingual team welcomes you from 7 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. With our
extended hours, adapted to the atypical schedule of this dynamic district, we also aim to
help meet the strong demand across Montreal for veterinary services when other clinics are

The two-floor facility includes four examination rooms and a surgery room equipped with
the latest technologies to meet your requirements and the highest standards of the MTLVET
network. Among the essential services devoted to your pet’s wellness, we offer onsite
laboratory analysis, an x-ray and ultrasound centre, an internal medicine program, as well
as a pet transportation service, to make your trip to the vet easier. To learn more, contact us

Services we offer

  • Choose a healthy diet for your pet. Our veterinary formulas, regular and specialized, satisfy the nutritional needs of your dog or cat throughout their lifetime.
    • Regular and specialized formulas for cats and dogs of any breed or size
    • Newborn and growth formulas
    • Healthy skin and coat formulas
    • Oral and dental hygiene formulas
    • Weight control formulas
    • Sensitive digestion and low appetite formulas
    • Healing formulas for pets recovering from illness or surgery
    • Pregnancy and nursing formulas
    • Dry and wet food
  • Looking to offer your pet a healthy diet?

    Ask our animal health professionals for advice. They know the products and their origins, and are trained to recommend the ideal dietary solution. If your dog or cat refuses any formula bought at the clinic, we’ll refund your purchase.

    We also offer home delivery. To learn more, please contact us or visit a clinic of the MTLVET network..

  • MTLVET offers a full range of veterinary services during the business hours of our clinics.
    • Check-ups
    • Health concerns
    • Preventive care
    • Vaccinations
    • Blood sampling and blood tests
    • Second opinions
    • Emergency care
  • Talk to us about any concern you have regarding your pet’s health. Our veterinarians are at your service to reassure you, explain the diagnosis clearly and provide the care your pet needs.
  • During your visit to the clinic, our staff looks after your well-being as well as that of your cat or dog.
  • Call us to make an appointment. Our veterinarians are available for consultation on very short notice.

  • Infectious diseases are among the most frequent causes of premature death in pets. Vaccinating your cat or dog helps them stay healthy and live longer. Regular shots also help limit the occurrence of these diseases among pets.
  • Vaccination program for kittens and puppies
    • First vaccinations at 2 months
    • 2 booster shots: 4 weeks and 8 weeks later
  • Rabies vaccination
    • Administered at 3 months or older, to cats and dogs
  • Deworming
    • Deworming your pet involves administering a medication to eliminate intestinal parasites, worms and larva that can be transmitted by the mother at birth or while nursing.
    • We recommend that you deworm any newly adopted adult cat or dog, if you are unaware of their deworming history.
    • Animals that have had fleas should also be dewormed, as fleas can spread flatworms.
  • To learn more, please contact us or visit a clinic of the MTLVET network.

  • We understand the risks of surgery. Our veterinarians and animal health technicians see to every detail, taking every precaution to keep your pet in stable condition during surgery, minimize discomfort when they regain consciousness and ensure a problem-free convalescence.
    • Physical exam
    • Blood tests before surgery
    • Sedatives
    • General anesthesia and close monitoring during surgery
    • Stringent sterilization protocols to prevent post-operation infections
    • Prescriptions for analgesics and anti-inflammatories following surgery
    • Recovery room equipped to keep the patient warm and prevent hypothermia
    • Hospitalization (if required)
  • Our state-of-the-art operating rooms feature respiratory and cardiac monitors, ventilation and oxygen equipment, an electronic intravenous pump and a heating mat. In short, we’re fully prepared to perform surgery on your cat or dog.
  • Laser surgery
    Available at Veterinary hospital Verdun and Veterinary clinic Ville-Émard
    Our veterinary clinics in Verdun and Ville- Émard are equipped with laser technology. Laser surgery functions much like traditional surgery. However, surgical techniques using laser offer the animal more comfort.
    • Less bleeding
    • Less trauma
    • Less painful inflammation
    • Faster healing
  • Our surgical unit is available for routine and emergency operations during the business hours of the clinic.
    • Tartar treatment and tooth extraction
    • Mass removal
    • Bladder stone removal
  • Make an appointment for surgery

  • Dental health and hygiene play a key role in the overall health of your pet. A yearly dental checkup and cleaning help prevent receding gums, gingivitis and bad breath.
  • Our tartar removal treatment includes a complete dental x-ray that aims to detect any abnormality and help keep your pet’s teeth in optimal health.
  • If we find a problem, our veterinary team can provide basic dental care.
  • Make an appointment

  • We are dedicated to making your visit to the vet as easy as possible, and to helping your pets quickly return to their daily lives. Each of our clinics offers an onsite laboratory, allowing us to do routine tests and get accurate results within minutes.
    • Annual blood tests
    • Urine and stool analysis
    • Testing for feline leukemia and the feline immunodeficiency virus
    • Testing for canine parvovirus
    • Testing for heartworms and tick-borne diseases

  • If your pet is injured or suffering from an internal condition, our onsite digital radiography equipment helps our veterinarians arrive at a precise diagnosis within minutes.
  • Using, we can detect the following problems in your pet:
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Fractures and other injuries
    • Foreign objects
    • Bladder stones
    • Cardiac or respiratory issues
    • Tumours
  • Results are available immediately, and your veterinarian provides a preliminary interpretation on the spot. To obtain a full interpretation from a specialized radiologist, ee also send the images to the Centre DMV.

  • Each clinic of the MTLVET network offers a full-service pharmacy. To care for your pet, we stock a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter treatments.
    • Prescription medications
    • Intestinal parasite preventive treatment
    • Heartworm treatment
    • Flea prevention
    • Dietary supplements
  • As with human medicine, veterinary medication must be taken as prescribed. Our professional team will provide sound advice and help you choose the right treatment for your dog or cat.

  • In certain cases, a house call is necessary. We aim to accommodate all our clients and patients by offering a house call service, subject to the availability of our veterinarians.
  • For more information, please contact us.

  • Leaving town on vacation? Need to go away for a while? Give your dog or cat clean and comfortable lodgings, along with the attentive care of our professional team. Your pet will be less idle during your absence and in good spirits when you return.
  • As a precaution, your cat or dog must be up-to-date with their vaccinations before boarding with us.
  • For details, please contact us or visit one of the clinics of the MTLVET network.
  • La Clinique vétérinaire Monkland offre le service de pension pour chats et pour chiens.
  • L'Hôpital vétérinaire Verdun et la Clinique vétérinaire Ville-Émard offrent le service de pension pour chats uniquement.


In case of an emergency

We are available to help you in case of an emergency. To ensure quick access to a member of our team, we ask that you call us ahead of time

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Du Parc Veterinary Hospital

We will gladly assist you and schedule an appointment as soon as possible, depending on the availability of our staff on site.

The situation is very urgent?

If the situation is very urgent, we recommend you contact the Centre DMV at