Feline Thursdays? Brilliant idea!

For kitties, routine is essential! The team of the MTLVET network knows that cats have specific needs, and we have adapted to cater to them. A visit to the vet can cause anxiety, so we created “Feline Thursdays” a few years ago. An entire day a week when kitties rule!

The carrier, the car, the heat, the cold, street noise and children running are all sources of stress for kitties on the way to the vet. To top it off, there might be a dog at the clinic who wants to play. Cats dislike all this hubbub.

As a result, it’s important for us to welcome you and your kitty every Thursday, with no dogs around. Throughout the day, our expert team will focus their attention exclusively on cats. To do so, we have been trained in the standards of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), to offer your kitty first-class care.

In addition to providing outstanding care, we have adapted our consultation rooms to cats. Here, your pet will find the comfort and tranquility it enjoys at home. We offer an innovative solution to help keep your kitty calm and stress-free throughout the visit.

Kitty on board!

Cats are sensitive creatures, so when you transport them by car, remember to be reassuring and positive. From an early age, your kitty should get used to its carrier. Whether it is a kitten or an adult, give it plenty of affection and offer a little treat, and you will help your feline tolerate the trip much better.

For cats that have a hard time enduring the carrier, you can also use calming pheromones, on the advice of your veterinarian. You can easily apply this product to each corner of your carrier, and it will help your cat stay relaxed during the trip.

Kitties love comfort! Give your pet a nice cozy bed by putting in the carrier a towel or blanket that it is familiar with. It should be absorbent, in case your cat has a call of nature that can’t wait for the litter box. In case of such an event, bring along a spare towel for the return trip. A soft bed to lie on will also cushion the movements of the vehicle.

And finally, don’t forget to buckle the seat belt!