Honouring Verdun, our community

No doubt you’ve already crossed his path. He has probably even said hello! Who hasn’t caught sight of the indisputably elegant Alain Laroche, known as the “white wolf,” striding up and down the streets of Verdun early in the morning? As the Commissioner of Economic Development, he’s the go-to guy for businesspeople in the borough. He’s also co-author of Verdun 1992-2017, 25 ans de développement, a book that pays tribute to our community…

For a quarter century now, Alain Laroche has worked hard to revitalize Verdun. Although he works in economic development, he also points out the social and cultural aspect of his approach. “Twenty-five years ago, I felt alone believing in Verdun’s revival. Today, Verdun has become a desirable part of town. Everything is now in place to meet the needs of the population. Regardless of the industry that Verdun businesspeople work in, everyone is in love with the borough.”

As far as your MTLVET network is concerned, that’s exactly the case! Since the beginning of our adventure, we’ve been very proud of our excellent clientele, as well as the citizens who support us every day. MTLVET has grown with the community, and today, the entire MTLVET team thanks you. Dr. Yves Cloutier and Nicolas Cachecho, who decided to sponsor the book published by Alain Laroche’s team, did so especially to pay tribute to the people who contribute to Verdun’s life. “For many years now, our network has been a reference in veterinary medicine. With our neighbourhood clinics, we are very close to the people of Verdun, and always attentive to their needs. It’s a source of great pride!” Nicolas tells us.

A generation to change Verdun

The publication of Verdun 1992-2017, 25 ans de développement is the result of tireless work, explains Alain Laroche with his trademark modesty. His role was to “bring people together based on their interests, communicate with them and, above all, mobilize them to improve Verdun’s brand image a little more each day, while offering our citizens the best services.”

When Alain is asked what best describes the people of Verdun, he declares without hesitation: “The beautiful history of Verdun, and especially the feeling of pride and belonging to the community.” This is a feeling shared by the entire team of your MTLVET network. “We always try to offer our patients the best care. We also work with the Refuge pour chats (Verdun) and Rosie Animal Adoption. So we are very proud to be Verduners. However, we are also very happy to welcome patients from across the island of Montreal!” Nicolas says with a big smile.

Along with Alain Laroche, another person who has always believed in Verdun’s revival is Dr. Cloutier, your veterinarian and owner of the MTLVET network. Today, they both see a promising future. Alain invites the skeptics, if any, to read his book and appreciate Verdun’s renewal. With equal amounts of enthusiasm and professionalism, Dr. Cloutier hopes to continue improving the lives of animals here and elsewhere.