Internal medicine at your door

Each year, your MTLVET team gets innovative for the well-being of the dogs and cats in our care. For a few months now, we’ve been offering your furry companions an internal medicine service. This veterinary specialization, essential if your pet’s health deteriorates in spite of quality care, enables us to conduct special investigations aimed at providing a full diagnosis, and therefore better manage any illness afflicting the animal. To learn more, contact us today…

When an illness or condition does not respond to treatment or requires further investigation, your veterinarian calls on a specialist in internal medicine. This specialization brings together all fields of veterinary medicine. “Having an internal medicine service at a neighbourhood veterinary clinic means having all the basic diagnostic resources at your door,” Nicolas Cachecho, General Manager of the MTLVET network, explains with enthusiasm. “This approach began with cardiac ultrasound, which is essential for heart and vascular diseases, but now we can respond to all illnesses. Great news!”

Internal medicine takes in all veterinary specializations, from cardiology to pulmonology to urology, via hematology, endocrinology, gastroenterology and many others. The team of the MTLVET network and its partners can now offer you unparalleled expertise. As Nicolas explains, “in the vast majority of cases, we can now keep the animal at a clinic of the MTLVET network, rather than transport it to the emergency centre, if its condition unfortunately requires that. It’s an option highly appreciated by our patients and their owners.”

A valuable relationship
If your beloved pet’s condition fails to improve despite treatments, if tests fail to deliver the answers, or if the condition becomes chronic, it’s time to talk to a specialist. In the MTLVET network, you can now do that. This proximity allows for a close and valuable relationship between your veterinarian, the specialist, other people involved, and yourself, the animal’s owner. This proximity means easier follow-up for treatments, a better ability to react at any time, and finally, a better understanding of the illness.

What’s more, your pooch or kitty no longer has to go far away from the comfort of home. Reassured by an environment they know, they are less likely to get stressed and can enjoy all the attention showered on them, even if the procedure is difficult. The MTLVET team is very proud to provide this internal medicine service, so that we can offer your four-legged companion the best care at all times. Feel free to contact us to learn more about internal medicine. The entire team of your neighbourhood vet clinic is at your service!