• Cliniques MTL VET
  • Cliniques MTL VET

MTLVET was born from an alliance of neighbourhood clinics that share a passion for animal health. The veterinarians behind this initiative chose to unite under one banner, with the aim of enabling our clientele to enjoy the advantages of a network while maintaining the friendly and attentive service of a neighbourhood clinic.

Our network’s advantage lies in the strength of our team of veterinary professionals and the full range of services they provide with expertise and a smile.

You enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • A pool of talented people who aim to set a new standard of excellence in animal health.
  • A rewarding work environment that attracts top veterinary professionals.
  • A shared budget that enables us to acquire advanced equipment and premium products to keep your pet in optimal health.
  • A shared concept for all our locations: modern, welcoming and wellness-oriented.
  • The familiar and friendly environment of a local clinic that offers a complete range of veterinary services.

With our veterinarians, technicians and customer service representatives, MTLVET offers a network of medical experts dedicated to caring for your pet.

Choose MTLVET, for your pet’s health and happiness.