One, two, three… thousand!

Again this year, the MTLVET network has made a commitment to the feline community by supporting the Refuge pour Chats (Verdun) through our famous fundraising drive! The Holidays are a special time of year, filled with solidarity, joy and happiness for plenty among us. Let’s all share in the spirit and support the Refuge!

The years go by and sadly, they often resemble one another. The needs of the Refuge pour chats (Verdun) keep growing, while their resources shrink. With your support and kindness, we hope to collect as many donations as possible through our “Guignolée.” This year, we aim to give the Refuge a cheque for $3,000, and we are confident that we can achieve this goal. It’s a way of encouraging, year after year, the hard-working volunteers who take in these lonely kitties and find them good families.

“All cats are grey in the dark,” the saying goes. But when the snow begins to fly, a kitty left out in the cold is at serious risk. It’s no fun for them to be outdoors this time of year, foraging through the garbage for a few scraps of food, bitten by the relentless cold, wind and snow! Whether their owners abandoned them or they ran away, these unlucky felines urgently need shelter from winter.

How does it work?

Feel free to make a donation at either of our MTLVET locations, where you will find a box for this purpose throughout December.
What’s more, you can take home the Refuge’s famous calendar, also on sale at our two establishments. It’s a must-have item for 2017!

All your donations will go to our partner, the Refuge pour Chats (Verdun), to help them fund their adoption campaigns and pay their operating costs, which never stop rising.

If you ever wish to rescue one of these adorable kitties, be sure that the entire MTLVET team, along with the team at the Refuge, will guide you throughout the process.

A big thank you for your contribution! We wish you a purr-fect Holiday season!