Our community is growing

Your MTLVET network has a great interest in our community and readily invests in many projects that improve the lives of animals. Recently, our team entered the world of television by participating pro bono in filming Ambulances animales, a program airing on the V Télé network. Dr. Cloutier, your veterinarian, will soon be travelling up north to take part in a special mission. In addition, just like every year, we honour our partners and students who would like to share our passion one day.

If you see the MTLVET team on TV, don’t be surprised! To give us greater visibility and improve the public’s understanding of veterinary care, our entire team has agreed to participate for free in the weekly documentary series Ambulances animales. This program follows “the hectic daily lives of a real squad of Montrealers dedicated to animal medical emergencies.” For about twenty minutes each week, you can enjoy the work of a group of animal health specialists in action!

This is a year of major challenges for Dr. Cloutier and his team. In addition to providing you with exceptional service and care, he has decided to embark on a mission up north. As a result, he will soon pack his veterinary bags and leave on a trip to vaccinate and deworm stray dogs in Aboriginal communities. This will be a first step towards establishing a mobile clinic supported by Animex. Naturally, we will be happy to share this new adventure with you!

Closer to you

Without your loyalty, we could not invest in these projects. Whether it’s up north or in the South West of Montreal, our commitment to the community remains the same. Again this year, we are proud to provide care to the animals at Refuge for Cats (Verdun) and Rosie Animal Adoption, and support both organizations in their various activities (adoption days, selling calendars, finding homes for animals, etc.)

Because our passion for animals is contagious, we offered young students the opportunity again this year to be a full part of our team during the summer. As part of the Student Business program, offered through the organization MR3 Montréal Relève (Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and the City of Montreal), we welcomed future health care professionals to do a high quality internship with us. This program was recently awarded the Mentor méritant prize for 2016.

We know that fall is a good time for sharing, so feel free to ask about our Microchip Day and our Halloween activities, or take part in our dental workshops, donate to our famous Christmas fundraising drive, and follow us on Facebook to stay informed of all current and future goings-on. We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty!