Pet-proofing the festive season

Beware of liver damage! Watch out for the poinsettia! Stay away from ornaments, tinsel and lights! The Holidays can be an obstacle course for dogs and cats. Every year, we see a large number of patients who are happy to celebrate Christmas, but are often up to mischief. While pooches and kitties are excited about the season, they are not as responsible as humans. Result: you need to be vigilant!

For dogs and cats, the Holidays are a time to be carefree! Seeking new culinary experiences, they won’t hesitate to taste your chocolates, unaware of the danger. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs, as is sugar. Avoid leaving your sweets unattended when your pet is around.

Just like people, dogs and cats love to eat during the Holidays, and can resort to surprising ruses to get their fill and then some. Avoid overfeeding your pet and giving it leftover food, especially poultry bones, which could puncture their intestines. Also consider storing your turkey in the oven after serving it.

Toxic plants and other hazards

Is your pet the romantic type? Does it like a kiss under the mistletoe or a snack of holly berries? Is it attracted to the bright colour of your poinsettia? Or maybe it likes to nibble on your roses? Time to put a stop to this behaviour, as these plants are harmful and may cause major problems.

Dogs just want to play. They love spherical things, especially colourful ornaments. If your pooch decides to eat one, he could end up with glass in his mouth, maybe even in his stomach. In other words, your evening is over, because you’ll need to see your vet right away!

Felines also get worked up this time of year. Shiny things are everywhere, including the tinsel on your tree, which your cat might want to grab and chew on. Whether she’s a big eater or a casual nibbler, she could swallow a tiny fragment, or be electrocuted if those pointy teeth puncture a wire. Christmas decorations are not edible! To avoid a visit to the vet, consider pet-proofing your tree and ornaments. Your pooch and/or kitty will be most grateful.

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