Plenty of ways to keep in touch!

Your phone not only rings, it also chirps, beeps and vibrates, constantly demanding your attention. Your MTLVET network now offers a text message service for people who prefer to communicate this way. It’s a quick solution to contact us! Of course, we also rely on Facebook and Instagram to keep you informed of life at our clinics. Each day, we try to use these tools wisely, to offer you the best information on caring for cats and dogs. So, if you’d like to share your memorable moments with your pet, follow us today on Facebook and Instagram!

The MTLVET network greatly appreciates your loyalty, so we are pleased to offer you a new way to contact us. Beginning this Holiday season, you can make an appointment with us via text message, as well as receive news or other information on the progress of your pet’s treatment.

As you may know, many of you have been contacting us – thank you! Unfortunately, we’re sometimes unable to take your call right away. If you leave us a voicemail or send us a text, we promise to do our best to get back to you within two hours, or as soon as we can.

One more thing: we want you and your four-legged friend to arrive safe and sound at our clinics, so please don’t text and drive.

Nowadays, social media are everywhere, all the time!

Who doesn’t know Facebook? Some love it, others hate it. We use it to keep you informed of the goings-on in your MTLVET network. You’ll also find news from our partners, the Refuge pour chats (Verdun) and Rosie Animal Adoption, along with posts pertaining to canines and felines in Quebec and elsewhere.

If you have a tip or trick to share, or a question or request, feel free to share it on our Facebook page. You can also message us privately. Either way, you are always welcome! Whether the news is fascinating, fabulous or sad, we welcome your comments, along with any concerns or complaints you may have. We also appreciate politeness. 

On Instagram, we would love to see photos or videos of your furry companion. Here are some hashtags you can use:


At the clinic or at home, dogs and cats are entitled to a smart selfie on Instagram. So, don’t be shy! Feel free to share your treasured moments with your pet on!