Shall we talk food?

Nutrition is not to be taken lightly. While you might like to diet before the Holidays, so that you can indulge during them, dogs and cats need suitable food throughout the year. Whether they are babies, in the prime of life, or in their sunset years, your four-footed companion requires a specific nutrition regimen. The team of the MTLVET network offer a range of specially-formulated foods and will be happy to guide you, so that you make an enlightened choice, one that benefits your pet and goes easy on your wallet!

Why does your veterinarian offer such a wide array of nutrition choices for dogs and cats? Because your pet loves to eat, but its belly can be sensitive. At each stage of life, nutritional needs change. For this reason, your MTLVET network offers you only the best quality products, recognized by breeders and scientists for providing your pet with fully balanced nutrition, including all the minerals, vitamins and trace elements required for good health.

For a number of years now, your MTLVET network has worked with the same partners to offer you the best. Whether organic, vitamin-enriched, moist or dry, the foods available from your veterinarian are of superior quality and meet the specific needs of dogs and cats throughout their lives. Our varieties include oral hygiene, weight maintenance, prevention of joint disease or dental disease, digestive health and silky coat.

Thanks to the quality of these premium products, your pet doesn’t need to consume as much, so there is less overeating and less waste to deal with. These foods contribute to your pet’s wellness and play an important role in preventing illness. Despite their slightly higher cost compared to grocery store brands, they are a wise choice for dogs and cats, and for owners who want to keep visits to the vet at a minimum!

Beware of poison!

During the holidays, it’s easy to overindulge, and we are often guilty of excess. For dogs and cats, the holiday season can also be a time for carelessness! Certain plants are toxic to your four-legged companion, so remember to keep an eye on your holly, your mistletoe, your Poinsettia, and even your Christmas roses.

Of course, your pooch or kitty is not only attracted to plants, but they are also food lovers! So again this year, keep your chocolate out of their reach, because it’s a highly dangerous poison. Also, avoid overfeeding your pet, or giving them too many treats, including table scraps. Don’t let them lap up a spilled drink (especially alcohol), or gnaw on poultry bones, which could lead to a punctured intestine. And above all, keep an eye on your turkey!

An overindulgence, a change in diet or a poisoning may oblige you to visit us! The team of the MTLVET network will be available to welcome you during the holidays, but we would be also very happy to know that you are in good company with your family and friends, along with your beloved and problem-free pet!