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  • Cliniques MTLVET
  • Cliniques MTLVET

Meet our veterinary care professionals

The advantage of our network lies in the strength of our team of professionals.
Our veterinarians, animal health technicians and customer service staff include about 20 experts dedicated to providing quality care for your pet. We are all part of one network: MTLVET.

Your veterinarians
Dr. Cloutier Dr. Gosselin Dr. James Rassi, Veterinarian Doctor Killens, Veterinarian
Danna Dahan, Docteur en médecine vétérinaire
Your animal health technicians
Dawn Sutton, Animal Health Technician Philip Irorita, Animal Health Technician Vanessa Aloe, Animal Health Technician Elyse Nicholson, Animal Health Technician
Victoria Carne, Animal Health Technician Matthew Ouimet, Animal Health Technician Andrée Gibeault, Animal Health Technician Marie BUHOT, Technicien-vétérinaire
Your veterinary aids
Rayan Ferhani, Aide-vétérinaire Stefanie Wosnitza, Aide-vétérinaire Sonia Gonzalvo Pharand, Aide-vétérinaire
Your customer service employees
Your groomer
Plinio Iccasati, Groomer Ti Minou, Wellness Co-ordinator
General Manager, MTLVET Network
Nicolas Cachecho
Cliniques MTLVET