What a fantastic smile!

In your MTLVET network, November, dental care month, has grown into an event not to miss. Just like every year at this time, our experienced team focuses on providing dental care and preventing periodontal disease. We will offer dental workshops each week and post information on the topic on our Facebook page. Gingivitis and other dental problems, your days are numbered!

Whether you’ve come for the first time or your furry friend is a regular in our workshops on preventing periodontal disease, our team will guide you and offer high quality educational tools. It’s time to smile and take on the everyday annoyances associated with periodontal disease.

So, this November, let us teach you the perfect way to brush your dog’s teeth, how to tell if there’s tartar build-up, and how to prevent your pet from getting infections that could endanger its health.

If your pet has bad breath, has trouble eating or is losing weight, it may be the victim of an oral infection. Do not hesitate to contact us to register for one our dental workshops. Space is limited, so please don’t delay!

Essential prevention

A lot of dogs and cats suffer from periodontal disease, even at a very young age. The symptoms can be very troublesome and difficult to live with, especially when your pet tries to eat. Our animal health technicians will be happy to guide you and show you how to treat this problem and bring out your pet’s most beautiful smile.

Whether it’s chronic or a one-time occurrence, oral disease should be diagnosed promptly to ensure an effective treatment. Prevention of oral disease plays a vital role in your pet’s wellness and can help you avoid treatment that is often very costly.
Just like every year, our team will provide helpful advice and essential tools to understanding gingivitis, cavities, dental abscesses and other problems. If you still have any doubts regarding the importance of good dental hygiene for your pet, look for advice on this topic on our Facebook page, to ensure that your pooch or kitty keeps its fantastic smile!