Your veterinarian, Dr. James Rassi From grassy oval to icy rink

Four years ago, Dr. James Rassi moved from Melbourne to Montreal, leaving behind the ovals of Aussie rules football and taking to the rink at a local hockey arena. Now in his second year at MTLVET, he continues to ambitiously pursue his mission to offer his patients top-notch care. While being playful, big-hearted and empathetic, he is also a great professional. Your pooch or kitty is in good hands indeed! Get to know Dr. Rassi…

After a few years in Australia, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Sciences (with Honours), Dr. Rassi returned to Quebec. “Australia is a fantastic country, but nothing beats a hockey championship!” he tells us with his trademark smile. This doesn’t prevent him from staying in contact with friends from university and discussing with them certain cases he encounters in his work. “We can share our experiences and continually improve the way we practice,” he says. “We exchange plenty of great ideas. These times are essential!”

Looking back, Dr. Rassi admits to being very happy that he returned to Quebec and joined Dr. Cloutier’s team: “Very soon, I felt a like full member of this outstanding team. The atmosphere is welcoming and very professional. It’s a great pleasure to work for MTLVET!” For him, new challenges await every day, and “it’s very rewarding to successfully respond in the animal’s best interest.”

The pet whisperer

Dr. Rassi stresses the need to understand his patients. “Unlike humans, animals may suffer in silence. They will behave differently, surprise you. Maybe they will show their suffering by moaning, but they can also be very quiet. Whatever the case, it’s our job to try to understand what’s going on, and it’s not always obvious!”

He also points out how different each patient is, and how essential it is to gain their trust through words, gestures and affection. From the moment he began working at MTLVET, he has appreciated the methods that the network uses to prevent diseases in dogs and cats, while keeping a close eye on risks and clearly making them known before they happen.

Finally, Dr. Rassi has plenty of praise for the MTLVET team, approving of everyone’s professionalism with a big smile. For him, there’s no conference that would help him do a better job. “Working in veterinary medicine involves challenging your beliefs each day, in order to offer care that is always more precise. There’s also the richness of this profession,” he says.